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 [Format] Rank Lost

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Administrative Team

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[Format] Rank Lost Empty
PostSubject: [Format] Rank Lost   [Format] Rank Lost EmptyThu Dec 13, 2012 12:58 am

If you lost your ranks you need to follow the formats, or else
you won't get ur rank back.


Old Rank:
How are you demoted:
By who do you got demoted:
Do you got demoted by someone, or the system?:
Tell us a staff that believes you:
Do you got any friends that are staff on HuyCraft?:
Something else you like to add:
[Optional] Post a picture of ur rank:
You need to follow the formats, because you need to prove
it. If you are lieing with the ranks, dont waste ur time
by posting a Rank Lost Application. You will get
instantly a ban when lieing about ur rank.
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[Format] Rank Lost
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