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 Operator Application

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Operator Application Empty
PostSubject: Operator Application   Operator Application EmptyWed Feb 05, 2014 8:12 pm

Dear Community And Staff

Ingame: AcroVenom
Are You Trusted: Yes
Are You Active: Yes
Age: 18 Years Old
Real Name: Nathan

Why Do You Want To Be An Operator:
Recently I’ve concluded that playing Prison does not quite suit me.
I’m bad at fighting other players, which is the reason I never PvP. Despites that, I still love HuyCraft. I’ve never felt more at home on any other server I’ve ever played on. For that reason, I’ve decided to apply.

I think the operator role suits me more than playing Prison. I enjoy helping people much more than stealing other peoples’ stuff and ruining their fun experience. It's just so satisfying to help someone who is struggling with something, even if it’s just a small question. The same thing goes for hosting events. Being able to create something fun and seeing lots of people enjoying it is just amazing. Another way admins help the community is by making sure the community is clean.

How You Gonna Help Us:
-Catch as many rule-breakers as possible:
One of the most important aspects of a server is a clean community. The less rule-breakers there are, the more fun it becomes for all the clean players.

-Keep the chat clean:
I think everyone agrees that the chat should be free of spammers and people using very offensive language. This can be done by temporarily muting them and hoping they realize their mistakes and learn from it.

-Help as many players as possible:
As I explained earlier, I really enjoy helping people. It satisfies botme and the one who needs help.

-Assist in building projects:
I could help with other admins’ building projects. As far as I know my building skills are decent. I think most admins have experience with redstone, but I’m willing to help if you need someone to build a redstone circuit. For a while I’ve played minecraft only for the sake of redstone, building calculators and computers with friends.

-Assist in hosting events:
I could assist in hosting events or even host my own. I think events are important because it encourages players to come together and do something fun.

Something Else You Want to Add: I Am An Owner To a Server called InternalMC and CoOwner to MyMcSky[/color]
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Operator Application
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